What Causes Hemorrhoids

What causes hemorrhoids | Hemroids causes listedLet’s find out what causes hemorrhoids, shall we? Hemorrhoids, a problem that the majority of us hope will never occur, but sadly something which many of us are going to suffer from to at least some degree during our life.

As you should be aware, Piles are basically enlarged blood vessels around the entrance to your anus, either internally or externally. This can lead to great deals of hemroid pain and discomfort. In my opinion, one of the best methods to avoid Hemroids, and perhaps more importantly treating them, is knowing about what causes hemorrhoids, and that is something that I want to cover in this article.

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What Causes Hemorrhoids -Two Main Groups

When it comes to Hemorrhoids Causes, there are two main groups of problems which can cause them. The first are ‘unpreventable’ causes, this means if the right things come together, you could end up with Hemroids and there is nothing you can really do to predict whether they are going to occur or not. The second type are ‘preventable’ causes. These are the things that if you know could possibly happen in the future, then you can avoid them. Dealing with these problems can also ensure that you eliminate the condition if you are already suffering from it.

Before we delve into the Hemroids Causes which are preventable, I want to discuss a little bit about the ones that are not avoidable, not unless you are very talented at least! There are a couple here.

Unpreventable Causes


The stand out one is genetics. Studies are still ongoing into this, but the belief at the moment is the fact that hemorrhoids are a result of genetics. This basically means that if somebody in your family has already suffered from the condition then your chances of suffering from it are even greater!


In addition to this, age can have a major impact on the anus. The main reason behind this is the fact that as you get older, your body gets weaker which means that pressure affects it in different ways. Basically your body is unable to cope with the pressure from above.


Additionally, pregnancy can introduce a lot of pressure to the anus, again increasing the pressure on the anus. Finally, some medical conditions can increase the chances that you are going to suffer from Hemorrhoids.

So that is the ‘unavoidable’ Hemroids Causes out of the way, what about the ones that you can prevent? Providing you know what you are doing of course. Let’s take a quick little look!

Preventable Causes

Straining during a bowel movement

Straining too hard during a bowel movement can cause hemorrhoidPushing too hard during a bowel movement, this is often associated with ‘rushing’. Generally speaking, if you try to be too quick when passing, you are going to be putting a great deal more pressure on your veins, which could lead to swelling. This isn’t the most common cause of Hemorrhoids, but it certainly is something worth looking into.


If you suffer from constipation, perhaps because if you don’t have enough fibre in your diet, then you could be putting a lot of pressure on your veins as you strain to relieve yourself. From what I can tell, this is one of the main Hemroids causes, but it is also one of the most preventable. If you find that you are struggling a lot, then try to get more fibre into your diet, it will be worth it, trust me!


Like constipation, persistent diarrhea can put an increased amount of pressure on your veins. I suggest that you get in touch with a doctor if you are suffering from this problem, there could be something wrong!


One condition which can cause A LOT of pressure on your lower body region, particularly your anal glands is being overweight. Of course, there are a number of other health problems also associated with this.. The majority of people who suffer from regular hemorrhoids are overweight. As you can probably guess, the only real way in which you are going to be able to solve this problem is to lose weight and follow home remedies for hemorrhoids to start with! Don’t forget to eat healthy too, you don’t want the hemorrhoids to appear again as a result of lack of fibre in your diet right? There are plenty of diet plans out there online, use whatever one works for you!

Are Hemorrhoids Treatable?

Hemorrhoid relief options you can do at homeThankfully, the majority of Hemorrhoids problems are treatable, no matter what the reason behind it is. I must admit though, it is going to be a very painful condition to start off with. Lucky for you, there are now plenty of creams and solutions available on the market which will help reduce at least some of the itching and pain. If you find that it is completely unbearable though, then you can visit a doctor. Not only will they be able to identify the cause and offer suggestions, but they will also provide you with means in which you can make the whole problem better!

Hopefully if you consider some of these Hemorrhoids Causes, you will be able to make changes in your life. The main solution is going to be ensuring that you eat well and stay fit. In fact, if you do that, you will be able to eliminate the problem most of the time. As I mentioned previously though, there will be some things that you have no control over. To be honest though, if you stay healthy, you will remain healthy, even if you are genetically predisposed to the problem. I suggest that you make changes now as opposed to later. Quite often, the problem won’t showcase itself until far too late, and thus if you make changes sooner, you may never run into the problem!

Hopefully by knowing the causes of Hemorrhoids you will find them a great deal easier to avoid, or at least know how to solve the problem if you are already suffering from them. Remember, despite being an incredibly painful and not to mention annoying condition, it is easy to solve, or at least reduce the pain considerably. Just try to catch the problem as early as you can. Do you want more information on what causes hemorrhoids? Please watch this video:


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