Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

The secrets of natural hemorrhoid treatment revealedYou may not believe it, but we all have hemorrhoids (in a sense). These are groups of veins that lie beneath the surface of the anal canal. The problem which many of us refer to as “piles” or, the medical term hemorrhoids is when they become swollen, and in the most severe cases, burst through the walls of the anal canal. Whilst a trip to the doctor should be first on your list if you notice any hemorrhoids symptoms, once the condition is confirmed, it’s wise to look for a natural hemorrhoid treatment first.

There are two types of hemorrhoids. Internal and external hemorrhoids, internal are situated in the lower rectum. External develop around the skin on the anus and are visible. In some cases with external hemorrhoids, a blood clot forms. This creates more pressure, and unfortunately pain. As it becomes more extended, you will notice a lump forming, and if it’s left untreated, you will develop something like a skin tag. Skin tags however, are painless, external hemorrhoids are not! They can become itchy, sore, inflamed and in some severe cases, it stops people from being able to sit. In the following words, you will find some information on a number of methods to deal with hemorrhoids naturally.

The best instant hemorrhoid relief methods and how they can help alleviate your symptoms

Witch Hazel

This plant extract has long been used for many ailments and is highly revered for its ability to act as an astringent. Whilst it can be found in many over-the-counter products formulated as a natural hemorrhoid treatment, you can also buy it in its natural form at all herbal and drug stores.

When you apply it in its natural state, be gentle! Use a cotton pad or swab, and don’t cover it afterwards. This should be done about 3 times a day and it will help to reduce the swelling you experience which in turn, will also help reduce the pain.

Aloe Vera

Like Witch Hazel, the gel from the leaf this plant is also an ancient astringent. It can be purchased as an ingredient in most topical creams, but if you want to save some money, and the plant is available in your area, you can cut a leaf open and use the gel inside. This is one of the purest ways in which you can use Aloe Vera as an instant hemorrhoid relief method.

As with Witch Hazel, it needs to be applied directly to your piles, and it will not only help reduce the swelling but will also cool irritated areas as well as speed up the healing process. We should mention that aloe vera and witch hazel are the most common home remedies for hemroids.

Did You Know About Sulfur?

This may surprise some of you as sulfur is often used to help ailments such as scabies (fortunately not that common these days), and acne. However, it does have excellent antibacterial and mild astringent qualities.

You can buy flakes of sulfur which are grounded into a powder form. 1 teaspoon of this can be mixed with some Vaseline to form a paste. This should be applied directly to your hemorrhoids. This instant hemorrhoid relief remedy is brilliant for those of you that suffer symptoms such as intense burning or diarrhea. It also comes in tablet form to help symptoms such as flatulence, general stomach discomfort and odd sensations of feeling full.

Hemorrhoids Diet

Eating healthy food is your number one hemorrhoid natural treatmentMake sure you get enough fiber in your diet. This will help combat constipation which is one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids. Straining to go to the toilet puts an immense amount of pressure on the anal passage. If you already have hemorrhoids coupled with constipation, it WILL make your piles symptoms worse! You should also ensure you drink plenty of fluid (water in its purest form is best).

Make Exercise a Habit

If you’re looking for a natural hemorrhoid treatment, and want to get healthy as well, exercise is a great way to go about it. What we will say is that you SHOULDN’T push yourself too far. As we have explained, pressure on the anal canal is what can exacerbate hemorrhoids.

Instead, taking a gentle 20 to 30 minute walk each day will help stimulate your bowels, and combat constipation. You can also use meditative exercise routines such as yoga.

Go to the Toilet As Soon As You Feel the Urge

If you feel the need to defecate, go to the toilet immediately. Holding on will just make things worse because your stools will become backed-up causing more pressure. We know this isn’t going to be easy to do, but you should also try and teach your body a set routine for when you go to the bathroom. For example, after you’ve eaten breakfast

Talk to your Pharmacist

There are many topical treatments available over the counter and they will all help with the various symptoms you suffer from. However, this should be seen as just a natural hemorrhoid treatment and not a cure for piles.

The Unique and All Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

A lady by the name of Jessica Wright was a chronic hemorrhoid sufferer, and she went through the pain, bleeding, itching and overall discomfort and embarrassment of this ailment for many years. She tried everything!

She even went down the surgical route a number of times, only for her hemorrhoids to re-appear. Whilst the advice above will help as a natural hemorrhoid treatment, we intend it to be in no way a cure. Jessica however, has a cure for piles! Click here to find out how she did it!

After many years of research, she discovered the root cause of hemorrhoids which is what led to her to finding a cure. You see, you need to know exactly why something goes wrong in the body in order to fix it, and Jessica has done just that.

With her system there are no harmful drugs, painful surgeries, or side effects to deal with – home remedies for hemorrhoids only. All she offers is the perfect natural hemorrhoid treatment that will make them go away, and stay away! After all, she is living proof her system works because she has been free of hemorrhoids for a number of years, and she was the first to try her own system. Click here to read more information on Jessica’s official website!

For more information about all natural hemorrhoid treatment methods watch this video:


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