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Internal and External hemroid symptoms | Symptoms of HemorrhoidsIn this article we’re going to talk about hemroid symptoms. I won’t lie to you, suffering from hemorrhoids is a terrible situation. Whilst not particularly dangerous, it can be very uncomfortable.

Thankfully, with advances in medical technology you shouldn’t really suffer any longer than you have to, providing you seek treatment of course. In this article I want to discuss a little bit with you about the various signs of hemorrhoids. If keep your eyes out for these and deal with the problem when it arises then you can expect a significant amount of relief. Let’s jump in shall we?

Before we jump into the hemroid symptoms though, let’s consider just what they are.

To put it in the simplest way possible, hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels. They occur around the entrance to the anus and they can occur outside the anus or inside. The former is perhaps the more common, although there are some people who suffer from both conditions.

When you are considering whether you are actually dealing with hemroid symptoms you should consider whether you within one of the ‘at risk’ groups. Bear in mind that this isn’t a definitive list, but if you are suffering from any of the symptoms that I list below, and are in one of these ‘risk’ groups then it is important that you get to the doctor as soon as you possibly can:

Being overweight

One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids is being overweight, even if you are just slightly overweight it can cause a massive problem!

Heavy lifting

If you have to regularly lift heavy objects, whether at work or in the gym then you are in the ‘at risk’ group.


Being pregnant tends to put large amounts of  pressure on the blood vessels around your anus. If you are pregnant then it is likely that your hemmorhoids will clear up without any treatment as soon as you give birth. However, it is still going to cause you significant amounts of pain so I do suggest that you get in touch with your doctor to give you a bit of pain relief.

Are you over fifty?

Those who are over the age of fifty tend to be at high risk of suffering from hemroid symptoms. The main reason behind that is the fact that the tissues that support your body become weaker. As a result, your whole body starts to exert a lot more pressure on the lower echelons of your body, which is ultimately going to lead to hemorrhoids. Doctors suggest that you are on the lookout for them at this age on a regular basis as it is an incredibly common condition.


Recent studies have shown that piles could actually be linked to genetics, therefore if you have a family history of the condition it would be wise to seek treatment.


Constipation tends to put a lot of pressure on the blood vessels around your anus because you will be ‘squeezing’ a lot. Constipation is of course linked to a lack of fibre within your diet, which means you will have other issues to clear up in addition to the hemorrhoids. Diarrhea can have the same effect.

What are the main Hemroid Symptoms? Please read!

The most common hemroid symptoms, signs of hemorrhoidsNow that is out of the way, what are the actual symptoms of hemorrhoids? Let’s take a little look! Before I do though, it is worth remembering that not everybody suffers from hemroid symptoms.

In fact, many people could be suffering from the condition and not even know it. The only time that you will start spotting these symptoms are in more severe cases, although some may be recognisable from time to time. I will highlight these for you as I go.

  1. Perhaps one of the most common hemroid symptoms is an incredibly painful itching sensation around the entrance to your anus. Now, this doesn’t always indicate a problem with your blood vessels, but if it does persist then I seriously do suggest that you seek out a doctor to give you a diagnosis.
  2. Another common sign is inflammation around the anus entrance. Often this is coupled with severe pain. This is quite often a progression of the previous sign. Hence why you should get your itching check out if it persists as eventually it will develop into pain!
  3. From time to time you may find that your anus bleeds after you have passed. This will be most noticeable when you wipe, however you may also find the stool has a bit of blood in it. In serious cases the stool could be bright red. Those over the age of fifty should be on the lookout for this as often as possible because it is one of the most common signs.
  4. After passing a stool you may find that you feel as though your bowels are still full but you need to go again. Like the other signs of hemorrhoids on this list, this doesn’t mean that you have the condition, but it certainly is something worth getting checked out if it happens more often than not!
  5. From time to time instead of blood you may notice mucus on one of the stools. The colour of this varies from person to person.
  6. The final (and this is the most severe) symptom of hemorrhoids is finding that one of the vessels moves outside of the anus when you pass a stool. You will need to push this back in. If that happens, it is important that you get yourself to a doctor as this indicates a serious case.

If you notice any of these signs of hemorrhoids then I seriously suggest that you visit your doctor sooner rather than later. Remember, the quicker you have the problem treated, the quicker that you are going to be able to deal with the problem. Alternatively, if you feel comfortable with it, you can try a couple of natural remedies for hemroids until you feel comfortable enough visiting the doctor, or are able to secure yourself an appointment. For more information on hemroid symptoms and signs please watch this video:

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