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Surgery options for hemorrhoids listedHemorrhoids will clear up by themselves in most cases. In the majority of hemorrhoid cases you will not even need to use any sort of medication. They will just disappear (albeit only in the most minor situations). In other cases you will need to use some sort of medication. Sadly, a very small proportion of people may have a slightly more serious case of hemorrhoids (I must stress that this is a very small proportion of people). From time to time the hemorrhoids will not clear up no matter what you throw at them. In other cases the hemorrhoids will just return time and time again. There are many ways to deal with hemorrhoids including hemorrhoids home remedies and even hemorrhoids surgery. As a result people may end up looking for a slightly more ‘long term’ solution. On this page I want to take a little look at the surgical option of treating hemorrhoids. Most people will not need to have any hemorrhoids surgery performed on them. However, it is worth knowing a little bit about what treatment plans are available to you.

The Top 5 Hemorrhoids Surgery Methods


A Hemorrhoidectomy is often performed as a ‘last resort’ when the other methods on this list are not effective. This is a ‘full on’ surgical procedure. It is carried out under general anaesthetic (which means that you will be unconscious throughout the procedure).

This is quite a complicated procedure which involves completely removing the hemorrhoids. Once they have been removed they can’t return. It is worth noting that there is still a small risk of other hemorrhoids occurring though, this risk is much smaller though. It is still advisable that you take precautions to reduce the chance of you suffering from hemorrhoids again in the future.

The doctor will remove them by entering the anus and cutting them out with a knife. This is quite a painful procedure (after the surgery) and you will probably be ‘out of action’ for around a week. You will therefore want to schedule some time off work. You will be prescribed rather powerful painful painkillers after the hemorrhoids surgery to help you get through the coming weeks. Don’t worry though, once the pain has cleared up there will be no ‘long term’ effects from the surgery.


Stapling is the second form of hemorrhoids surgery. Once again this is carried out under ‘general anaesthetic’ and is often used as a ‘last resort’. The difference between stapling and hemorrhoidectomy is that the latter is mainly used for internal hemorrhoids whilst the former is used for those that have managed to work their way out of the anus.

As you can probably guess, this method involves stapling your hemorrhoids. With a stapling these hemorrhoids will be inserted back into your anus. They will then be stapled inside. The idea of stapling is that they will have a reduced amount of blood flowing to them. This will reduce the inflammation and hopefully make them smaller over time.

In most cases this is a procedure which is perfectly safe. However, it is worth noting that the risk of the hemorrhoids returning is much greater with stapling than it is with hemorrhoidectomy. You will therefore want to ensure that you take all necessary precautions. It is also worth noting that the risk of something serious occurring is slightly greater with stapling. However, ‘serious problems’ are certainly in the minority here.

Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation

the most common hemorrhoids surgery options | treating hemorrhoids the medical routeHemorrhoidal artery ligation is a rather new procedure. Many doctors are currently using it as an alternative to the previous two surgical procedures. This is because hemorrhoidal artery ligation tends to be less painful and early reports suggest that it is a great deal more effective at dealing with the problem.

Once again the treatment is carried out under general anaesthetic. With this procedure a special tool known as a ‘Doppler probe’ will be used. This Doppler probe is inserted into the anus. It has the job of identifying the various arteries which are supplying blood to the affected hemorrhoid. Once the artery has been identified a tiny stitch is put into it. This reduces the amount of blood flowing to the hemorrhoid. Once again this is going to help reduce inflammation over time. As I mentioned previously, this is a highly effective procedure. In fact, 9 out of 10 people find that the problem never returns!

Hemorrhoid Banding

This is the first surgical method on this list where you will not actually be ‘put to sleep’. You will only be sedated to reduce the amount of stress during the treatment. You will not need to stay in hospital overnight with this treatment. It is normally performed in cases where the hemorrhoids are mild but have not been cleared up by other treatments.

During this procedure ‘rubber tubing’ (which is very, very thin) will be tightened around the problem hemorrhoids. This will decrease the amount of blood that is flowing to them. This will considerably reduce them over time. It is worth noting that this is not as effective as the previously mentioned hemorrhoids surgery treatments. However, it should help in the majority of cases. If you are paying for your own treatment then it is worth noting that it is the cheapest of the ‘surgical’ methods.

Injections (Sclerotherapy)

The final method I wish to mention is one of the more basic on this list and not strictly ‘surgical’ in the truest sense of the word. However, most doctors will use this method first as it will help in most cases.

In this hemorrhoids surgery a chemical will be injected into the hemorrhoid. It will numb the nerve endings which will reduce pain considerably. The main reason why this treatment is performed though is the fact that it effectively ‘kills’ the hemorrhoid tissue. This will cause it to scar and harden up. Over time this will mean that the amount of blood that is flowing to it is reduced considerably. This will shrink down the hemorrhoid to the point where it does not cause any problems.

This is quite a quick and cheap procedure. There is a small amount of pain associated with it though. However, this is the hemorrhoids surgery that I suggest that most people go down first before trying one of the other methods on this list.

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels located in the anal canal that can become painfully swollen.  Though the cause of hemorrhoids is  not 100% known, there are many ways to treat this painful condition including home remedies and surgery.  If you have hemorrhoids, then you should try a few home remedies first before doing something drastic like hemorrhoids surgery.

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